Island Restaurants...
Many of Ocracoke's best restaurants buy local seafood for their favorite dishes.
The waters  surrounding Ocracoke Island have always yielded only the best tasting seafood.
Sustainable. Preserving the integrity and stability of the environment so that nature can replenish itself.

By Hand. Ocracoke watermen fish by hand. There is no mechanical harvest here.

Boat to table. Daily catch is brought to the fish house and ready for you. There is no factory processing.

Stewards of the environment. Watermen are the first to see changes in our waters and fish species. They take action by instituting ongoing research, education and restoration projects.

Tradition. Settled in the early 1700s, fishing methods have been passed from generation to generation.

Know who catches your seafood. Buy local, fresh seafood from rural America. Ask your grocer if he knows who caught this fish?

Nonprofit Ownership. Ocracoke Seafood Company is owned and managed by the watermen under the Ocracoke Foundation, a 501(c)3.
Ocracoke Seafood Company is operated by Ocracoke's Working Watermen
"Preserving Our Maritime Heritage"
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